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venerdì 31 luglio 2009

A Portrait of the Artist

Per giocare sul titolo di
un'opera di James Joyce piuttosto conosciuta: "A Portrait of the Artist as a
Young Man", tradotto in Italiano con "Ritratto dell'artista da giovane".(un grazie particolare a Lidia per il contributo)

Elisabetta Trombello was born in Como in 1965. She attended the School of Art and took a diploma as teacher of art and textile designer. She has worked in the tourism and travelled widely. The experiences she lived all around the world inspired the faboulous and fantastic landscapes that characterized the paintings of the beginning of her artistic career.

Her paintings have been displayed in many personal exhibitions at Galeria Spagnoli in Florence.

She exhibits also in many collective art shows,among these the exhibition set up at the State Archives in Florence, where her works have been displayed among those of Carlos José Ledda, Franz Borghese, Francesco Musante, Luca Alinari and not many more....

The works of Elisabetta Trombello are characterized by a graceful union of colours and figures on a perfect balance between fantasy and reality.

The recurring atavistic liaison with the nature and its seasons are fundamental features of her works.

The artist has an extraordinary capability to transpose on the canvas magic chromatic effects with the wonder of an innocent view.
Flower explosions, romantic springs and sweet winters, seascapes and colour cascades that seems to fly over the canvas, on the frame...this is what we can find in Elisabetta's paintings.

Her techniques has grown to become what is now called by the art critics "paint-sculpture".

She has shown her works in many prestigious locations, always being greately appreciated by the public.

(tradotto da Martina, thanks ;-)